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Tesla and Plasma High Voltage

Science Projects


The Projects illustrated on this site produce High Voltage and High Frequency Power and are extremely dangerous if proper safety precautions are not observed. EVERYTHING(including air and rubber) is a conductor when working in this environment. NOTHING is an insulator. Do not attempt these or similar projects unless you know what you are doing. The reader/user of the content of this site agrees to proceed with these types of experiments at his/her own risk.

This site is dedicated to the study of Plasma, the 4th State of Matter. 99% of all matter in the universe is plasma. The balance is the more familar states - solid, liquid, and gas. A type of Plasma is Fusion. Fusion converts Hydrogen Isotopes into Helium and energy which can be used for electricity. The process is a clean and free of pollutants. The commercialization of Fusion will be a big step toward solving the world's energy problems.

Our science projects in this area began in the Fall of 2001, when my boys visited a technology museum with their Grandparents and announced they wanted to build a plasma ball. Initially, I told them the project would be something to do in High School or College. After being pestered with "Did you get the Plasma Ball parts?" every day at dinner, I did some research and found that we could build a power supply from an old TV set. I made the mistake of telling the boys one night at dinner. While driving one Saturday morning, they spotted an old TV on the street waiting for garbage pick-up. I was too embarrassed to stop and pick it up and drove by. They screamed at the top of their lungs until I stopped the car and backed up to get the TV. After picking up the first one, I got over my inhibitions and picked up many a TV and microwave oven for parts. The rest is history and you see the results here on our website.

Mark Dunn

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